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Your horoscope for the week ahead: Get ready for a sped-up week full of action and big decisions

We are only just emerging from a highly active Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. You might feel exhausted with all the issues you’ve had to deal with. Full Moons always amplify emotions, and Scorpio season brings up serious issues that demand a resolution. 

But now we enter the season of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. As well, Mercury, the Messenger, will join the Sun in Sagittarius on Wednesday. Get ready for life to speed up with action and big decisions. 

You can look forward to a significant astrological event as Mercury, the Sun and Earth line up in a straight line on Sunday. It’s called a superior conjunction because Mercury will be positioned on the far side of the Sun, and it will affect the preceding days too. It’s time to check in on your hopes and aspirations. The Master of Strategy is guiding you toward your dreams. 

The Last Quarter Moon comes on Saturday. Do a review of events in the weeks since the New Moon of November 4. You can now start making sense of all that’s taken place. 

Venus, the goddess of beauty, will continue shining brightly in the western sky. Gaze into her lovely light as dusk falls. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, November 22, 2021.


In a strange way, it’s not the future that worries you now, but the past. You’re unhappy about some unfinished business you feel you must sort out before moving on with a clear conscience. The Sun-Mercury union will oblige you to look carefully at all the things you’ve been taking for granted — and all the sources of comfort in your life that you have grown overly reliant upon. Events over the next few days will allow you to retrace at least some of your steps and thus lay the ghost of yesterday to rest once and for all. Your experience will prove highly liberating. 


The Sun-Mercury union this week is helping you reach a satisfactory conclusion to a process well underway. You just need to resolve to work on finding the answer from the resources you already have at your disposal. Expect help when you need it most from someone kind, supportive and well placed to offer you crucial advice. Don’t be put off by small setbacks or upsets. Every road to success is lined with problems. The truth is you face no difficulties now that you cannot conquer. You’ll be surprised by how much you can accomplish in a short time. 


You are tempted by what you fear is luxury you cannot afford. But if it is really right for you, there will be a way for it to enter your life. Beware, though, that often when we feel stressed, we fix our minds on things that we think will reduce our discomfort. We forget that all we really want is not to feel stressed. The Sun-Mercury union this week will compel you to ignore pressures and to pamper yourself a little. You’ll be surprised by how much you can get away with and by how little else you need. You will work a little practical magic into your life right where you need it.


You have become wiser and more mature due to challenges that have arisen recently. They were hard to deal with, but thanks to them your wisdom has grown. The Sun-Mercury union this week is directing you to establish new priorities. A big issue that is bothering you is drawing much attention. Do your best to ignore it for there is something else to dwell on now — something wonderful, magical and rare. Focus on that, and though everything else may continue to bubble, it will soon settle down.


What you need now is a bit of decisiveness and determination. You can’t keep delaying a moment of truth, making contradictory requests or asking for things that you don’t really want but feel obliged to pretend you do. Your astrological outlook remains exceptional. Much has moved, and much more is due to move. Now you must get moving too for while change will make you very happy, fighting to change the status quo is frustrating and exhausting. There is a vast amount to be done — but the Sun-Mercury union will provide you with the willpower to get it done in record time.


Open your heart to adventure, and somehow it will make its way to you. A new possibility needs to be reconsidered in light of a rapidly changing reality and it’s worthy of investigation. There’s no point hanging onto an old way of doing things if you’re presented with the kind of change that might prove to be infinitely better. The Sun-Mercury union will show you how to keep an open mind. You’re about to be greeted by a pleasant surprise. A life of ease, comfort or gentle relaxation seems remote, but it is closer to materializing than you think. 


The Sun-Mercury union this week will give you a clear understanding of how your plans and strategies are faring. Consider the friendships and teams you are forming: agreements we make, often unspoken, to be friends with some and at odds with others. It’s essential to know who your enemies are. Think now of the way in which progress in a key area of life has become difficult lately. Think what you could accomplish if you only had had a better agreement with a person well placed to help you — and then smile. Times are changing for the better. 


What’s needed now is a little patience — and a lot of trust in your talents and abilities. A good amount of humour too wouldn’t go amiss. Add a splash of philosophy and a touch of spiritual calm. These ingredients will help take the edge off the uncertainty you feel. The current tension and drama in your life due to an unresolved issue is ultimately good for you even if it makes you feel you are in a perilous position. The comfort of safety means nothing without the taste of danger. The week is very good for romance. The Sun-Mercury union will ease your stress and lead to finding peace of mind. 


It is time to do something practical about a bright idea you’ve long been entertaining. To achieve this though, you may first have to make compromises and clear up loose ends. Your challenge is to apply yourself to tedious chores without letting them diminish your enthusiasm for the wider plan. If you succeed, you should find that newly arising situations fit you like a comfortable pair of slippers. Even if you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, you’ll somehow instinctively know what to say, where to go and what to choose. The Sun-Mercury union will steady certain unstable factors in your life in a wonderfully reassuring way.


Each time you try to work out where you stand, you find your feet are on shifting sand. Each time you reach a decision, you see another way to look at things. You find yourself swinging from one extreme position to another. You are under the influence of an intensely changeable cosmic climate. The Sun-Mercury union suggests wonderful change is in store, which could include romantic encounters and significant financial gains. The sky wishes to bestow its blessing upon you. You only get what you inwardly elect to receive. The fewer inhibitions you have this week, the more fun and success you’ll have. 


You’ve journeyed down a rocky road where nothing was as it should have been: plans weren’t working out; a misunderstanding took place; you had to deal with tension and insecurity. It felt as though you were running as fast as possible in the wrong direction. But now you can feel a positive shift. There is a fresh breeze blowing with the whiff of success to it. The Sun-Mercury union is asking you to stop, think and reappraise your situation. Your problems were just helpful suggestions steering you onto a better road. Now you can really set things in motion — and with far less effort. 


The Sun-Mercury union will help you focus your mind on thoughts, sounds and images that bring inspiration. If you can’t find anything, then think back to the last time something really good happened. Keep going until you find something that brings a smile to your face. Once you find it, hang onto that smile. Laughter heals and empowers. With a mood of confidence and optimism, you’ll connect with your own intuitive source. That source will tackle whatever challenging dilemma you’re wrestling with and lead you to safety.