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Your horoscope for the week ahead: Expect a high-energy week fuelled by optimism and enthusiasm

This will be a groundbreaking week that puts you on a trajectory fuelled by optimism and enthusiasm. The fiery force of Mars will engage in an opposition with innovative Uranus on Wednesday. Time will fly by, but you will be flying with it. You’ll wonder where your newfound energy and drive are coming from. Ideas will blow in like a fresh breeze. 

This week, secrets will emerge out of the depths, bringing long-hidden information into the light. They’ll make you stand up against stagnant restrictions that have been holding you back. 

A near-total Lunar Eclipse will be visible throughout North America on Thursday and Friday, depending on your time zone. This is when the Moon, Sun and Earth stand nearly in line, with Earth in the middle, causing its shadow to fall on the Moon. A Lunar Eclipse can only occur in the presence of a Full Moon.

The partial Lunar Eclipse will take place in stable and reliable Taurus. It will emphasize practical issues, as you might expect, but will also bring the arts and beauty to the fore. Jupiter will form a sharp dynamic angle to the Sun and Moon, adding a celebratory mood to proceedings. It’s liable to cause some loud parties. Well, if you can’t beat them, join them. 

Don’t forget to look west after sunset. Sparkling Venus will dominate the sky as darkness falls. She will enliven your life with beauty and peace. 

We have a high-energy week in store. The outlook is very positive. 

Here is your horoscope for the week of Monday, November 15, 2021.


Rarely have you been so superbly positioned to bring what have thus far been unrealized dreams closer to reality. That this involves people or projects you’re passionate about is important, but of even greater significance are the developments that will prove your commitment, particularly in the face of those who’ve questioned your choices. While they undoubtedly meant well, nevertheless, their lack of faith in you rankled you. The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will ward off any potential trouble. Nothing could overshadow your joy at this week’s coming achievements. 


Ordinarily, you’d have reviewed both existing arrangements and your future goals when you conceived the strategy you’ve been developing. Although you’re justified in feeling excited about your future prospects, focus first on what’s on its way out. Letting go proves more challenging than you’d have expected, particularly as relinquishing certain goals could seem a defeat. While that may be true, what you’re clearing the way for will be far more rewarding and stand a greater chance of success. The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is bringing insights about what should stay and what must go. 


There’s a difference between knowing what you want to do and being able to do it. You’re being held back. But battling the unexpected developments, or opposition from certain individuals who may be responsible, only creates more obstacles. What you’re facing isn’t sudden; it’s far more complex than you think. While you can’t control events, the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will certainly give you the power to influence them. This means having the patience required to explore the whys and wherefores of the situations and individuals involved in depth. This results in illuminating insights and creative ways of overcoming difficulties. Just as importantly, it could also lead to new and useful alliances.


At first, when circumstances forced you to take over certain responsibilities or examine various areas of your life, you were irritated. It seemed a pointless nuisance. But, thanks to the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, what you’ve learned will change your mind both about the value of this review and about what could be improved on. You’re now broadening the process of questioning unspoken issues with family, close friends and loved ones. Discuss your feelings with them. You needn’t worry about unpleasant dramas. Revealing how much you care alone will do wonders for ailing relationships.


You are in the midst of a cycle of change and reorganization. While you’ve accomplished an enormous amount, there’s still a great deal to do. Some of this is increasingly pressing, but the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will provide a thrilling breakthrough regarding things that have been holding you back. In the long run, your plans will prove ingenious because they’ll expose problems that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. What you are planning to do is groundbreaking. Raise a glass. Here’s to the end of an era. Here’s to the start of a whole new wonderful phase.


You’ve had no problem dealing with the steady diet of practical issues and initiatives that have been dominating your life of late. The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will shift you into a more relaxed frame of mind. This will put an important process, and your future plans, on a firm foundation. Developments will trigger questions about your goals, particularly those of a far-reaching nature. At least you’ve friends to discuss these with, to point out when you’re being unrealistic and to inspire you to follow what is. Here’s to wealth, health and happiness. Here’s to enthusiasm and optimism of a type not felt for many a Moon. 


Emotional tensions are no fun and, obviously, you’d like to move on. Still, it would be easy to mistake making swift decisions and acting quickly with doing what’s best. The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus might be accompanied by some fireworks, but it will clear the lack of accord or understanding with close friends, children and loved ones. There is no quick fix for this. Rather, it involves facing facts, talking things through patiently, then retreating to reflect on the resulting insights. Time-consuming as this is, it ensures that once you commit to plans, you can live with them.


Life, at times, can be thoroughly exasperating. Getting from A to B can be as tough as climbing Mount Everest. Every simple matter is ridiculously complicated. Obtuse, awkward or unreasonable human relationships create a mood of frustration. But everything in life has a purpose; challenges test and try us, and ultimately leave us stronger and clearer. The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus this week will act as your friend in the firmament, your cosmic companion. It will open doors, create opportunities and open your eyes to positive possibilities, previously unseen. Your outlook is stunningly auspicious. 


You are about to encounter a prolonged, positive cosmic climate, the likes of which you have not experienced for many Moons. Things have really started to change for you in the best way possible. All your hard work will pay off in surprising ways. Your eyes will open wider and your desire to explore new horizons will grow. Thanks to the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus there will be no repetition of old dramas, but there will be more growth, discovery and magic. And, to set this amazing phase off to a fine start, a deeply liberating, inspiring experience will come later this week. 


You’ve been through a hopelessly tense, pressured, dreadfully messed-up situation. You are now developing the ability to relax. You’re learning that worry and struggle serves no purpose except to attract more of the same. The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus says success is as easy as ABC. Don’t rush; things are not as urgent as they seem. The big change on your horizon is a friend, not an enemy. Whatever it is that is troubling you, it is nothing that a good meal, a hot bath and a healthy sleep regime won’t at least help. You are also learning, whether you’re aware of it or not, to tune into your circadian rhythms.  


If, this week, you don’t end up getting what you want, don’t blame the stars or some planet going retrograde. It’s not the fault of the cosmos or some errant guardian angel. Your fairy godmother is working overtime. Your lucky stars have never been luckier. We all want a lottery win, but your win will come by a practical application of your talents. The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will sprinkle you with good fortune. Under her helpful influence, you will become the beneficiary of several uncanny coincidences that, even if they don’t bring you exactly what you want, will most certainly bring you what you need. 


It seems as if some of the most important developments in your life are now being placed on hold. You can’t make the progress you yearn to make until you have resolved a very basic personal issue that has more to do with your relationship with yourself than your relationship with another person or situation. One part of you is afraid of what another part of you wants. It is of paramount importance to reconcile these two, seemingly incompatible, aspects of your heart. The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will make it possible to attain this even if it makes you feel a little vulnerable. Take the risk. Opening your heart will change your life.